The company

Leading company in the production of commercial, semi-industrial, industrial and transported refrigeration systems.

The company, recently acquired by the Daikin group, employs about 400 people for a turnover of about 70 million euros


The finished product warehouse is a short-stay warehouse that acts as a lung to the shipment preparation area. The constant increase in shipping volume and a significant presence of errors in shipments, mainly due to the fact that each product is composed of several packages linked together by a shared serial number, have led to automate the processes of management of the finished product warehouse and traceability of the goods shipped.


To automate and computerize the management of the finished product warehouse, whSystem®, the WMS produced and distributed by TECHNOLOG, has been implemented.

The implementation of whSystem® has made it possible to improve the management of the warehouse, especially as regards the availability of the goods, which are stored in stacking areas on the ground, and as regards the reduction of shipping errors

The system takes charge of the production payment by interfacing with the MES from which it receives the data of the finished product. Packages are stored in areas on the ground waiting to be picked up to process picking orders. The order preparation phase, performed through RF terminals, allows (all things being equal) to use the serial number preferred by the operator who, however, after having picked up the first package of that serial number, has the burden of associating the other packages with the same serial number and in this the WMS has allowed to significantly increase the performance and accuracy in order fulfillment.


  • Optimization of warehouse management processes in terms of accuracy, reliability and efficiency
  • Product management with serial number divided into several packages
  • Optimize workload distribution
  • Real-time monitoring of stocks and order progress