The company

Zamasport is one of the founders of Italian prêt à porter. It was founded in 1966 by the conversion of Maglificio Augusto Zanetti founded at the beginning of the last century, a family business that produced underwear. Currently the responsibility for management is in the hands of the third generation that is carrying out very important collaborative projects at international level.


Automation of warehouse management processes and procurement to internal and external laboratories.


For the automation of ZAMASPORT’s warehouse management processes and operating procedures, whSystem®, the WMS produced and distributed by TECHNOLOG, has been implemented.

The implementation of whSystem® has made it possible to improve warehouse management by applying the criteria of optimized management of resources, storage facilities and the sophisticated picking and storage logics offered by the system. The WMS has obviously been integrated with the company ERP for the synchronization of warehouse data and production progress.

This project represented an exciting challenge for the development team that had to create a real tailor-made suit devoted to maintaining the delicate balance between the rules and procedures obviously necessary for optimal use of the system and the great need for flexibility dictated by the creativity and fluidity that animate the production processes of the garments, especially during the sample phase.

The system governs the management of the two warehouses (fabrics and accessories) independently, but synchronized in order to better serve the cutting and packaging departments and to properly supply the external laboratories.


  • Optimization of warehouse management processes in terms of accuracy, reliability and efficiency
  • Optimization of inventory management and storage facilities
  • Optimize workload distribution
  • Real-time monitoring of stocks and order progress

Partners and other suppliers

Consultancy: Simco consulting Srl