Not a warehouse but a real boutique which in just 2,000 square meters by 10 meters in height manages to store and manage over 20,500 “precious” and highly revolving references thanks to Technolog’s whSystem® software.

We are talking about ZAMASPORT, an excellence of Italian fashion entrepreneurship that since 1966 continues its strong expansion bringing the Italian values of the fashion sector to the world.

The collaboration between the creativity of the designers and the expertise of the ZAMASPORT technicians has materialized over the years with names such as Gianni Versace, Romeo Gigli, Scott Crolla, Nicolas Ghesquière,

After more than 50 years of activity and entrepreneurial success, ZAMASPORT in 2019 completes the construction of its new plant in Novara: the outer casing evokes the fabric and that combination of technique and creativity that distinguishes the company’s work.

Spaces, paths and environments are designed to contribute to a better quality of working life for employees, whose well-being is pursued in every aspect of design: from the use of natural light to the presence of green areas, up to acoustic comfort and the definition of internal microclimates.

The headquarters of ZAMASPORT is NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building): an energy-efficient building that uses renewable sources for more than half of the total energy needs.

Logistics has been an integral part of this project and fundamental to the challenging objectives of the group. ZAMASPORT felt the need to perfect the management of the warehouse given the enormous amount of references and the demand for speed imposed by the seasonality of fashion collections, ensuring a new pace of work able to respond to all the needs of prototyping and sample development of projects from the sketch to the finished packaging.

“Our structure covers the entire production cycle for designers. Considering that a dress consists of many pieces, even if the fabric is the predominant part, arriving on average at 3 different types, we must consider that the accessories are many, up to 30 per dress. We could no longer maintain our rhythms and our growth by basing our work on people’s historical “memory”.

The need was to have a software system designed specifically for us able to meet all our work needs.
After a long phase of analysis we put together all the complexity of our warehouse work, evaluated suppliers and finally we found in Technolog the partner able to respond promptly to our needs. The work has improved, today our employees go without fail!”  

 Paolo Maffei, IT manager of ZAMASPORT declares

Based on the analysis and the needs of the customer, the Parma House of Software presented and implemented its WMS project, adapting it in all its possibilities to be defined to stay on topic, a real tailor-made realization.

The project took a few months to implement, but once “started” it was extremely close to the initial requests and expectations.

“Customizing our WMS for the fashion industry was challenging. The part of the production work is similar for warehouse management needs to other product sectors, but the part related to prototyping is completely a different world.

The challenge was to create a WMS able to guide operators with confidence to the over 20,000 references but leaving the freedom to change according to the demands of production, offering the possibility of combining the creativity of the prototyping operators with the efficiency of our WMS”. 

  Lorenzo Di Salvatore, CEO of Technolog concludes

Whether it’s fashion or logistics, when Italian entrepreneurship takes the field, excellent results are always achieved.

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