WMS warehouse management system

What is it?

whSystem WMS: the intelligent software for perfect warehouse management.

Governing the warehouse has never been easier.

whSystem WMS is TECHNOLOG’s answer to any type of need related to warehouse management, whether it is conventional warehouses or automatic warehouses.

whSystem WMS è un software unico, pensato per adattarsi al meglio alle caratteristiche di qualsiasi contesto operativo e settore merceologico, garantendo sicurezza e prestazioni sempre ai massimi livelli.

An intelligent solution because it is advanced and completely customizable, born from TECHNOLOG research and chosen by many companies to optimize the movement of goods within the plant.

WMS: what it is and why it is the best choice to make.

WMS stands for Warehouse Management System, which is a software developed to help companies in warehouse management and all intralogistics operations.

Integrated with the ERP and other software present, the WMS allows you to optimize the management of processes, activities and operators, from the identification of incoming goods to stock control, from storage to picking and shipping support.

A tool now indispensable for anyone who wants to increase the productivity of their company through better warehouse management, with many benefits including the reduction of costs and order processing times, the reduction of errors and the optimization of space.

What is a WMS software for and what it allows you to manage.

There are various applications of a Warehouse Management System, all aimed at increasing the level of efficiency in warehouse management, streamlining processes and facilitating the work of operators.

With this objective, it is important that the WMS is able to interface with the company ERP and to integrate with the devices and peripherals present in the warehouse, such as devices for self-identification of goods, labelers and Pick To Light and Put To Light systems.

The tasks of a WMS

  • Acceptance of incoming goods and association with loading units (UDC) that will determine handling and storage
  • Verification of load lists transmitted by the company’s management software
  • Automatic and manual locking of the goods according to the QC status, the maturation of the product, the deadlines or according to indications provided by the operator or other computer systems.
  • Planting of load units (UDC) and bulk product
  • Internal movements, such as lowering stocks or moving goods linked to changes in status
  • Processing of withdrawal orders according to the criteria set
  • Packaging and order consolidation
  • Shipment management
  • Management of the warehouse map, storage facilities, movement of goods between departments, inventories and resources used.

whSystem WMS: unique because it is tailored for you.

Even with the same functions, not all WMS software is the same and not all offer the same performance. Therefore, to be truly reliable, a WMS cannot be reduced to a simple commercial product ready to use.

whSystem WMS offers total versatility: a technology that makes it possible to implement a rich range of different features to optimally manage any type of need.

All thanks to an in-depth preliminary analysis that represents the first and fundamental step in the approach to each request.

It is following this logic that we are able to develop for each customer a 100% tailor-made solution, tailor-made and therefore able to adapt perfectly to the characteristics of the goods, the warehouse and the specific handling needs.

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The fields of application of whSystem WMS

Depending on the sector and the required use, the type of data to be recorded by whSystem WMS changes.

During implementation, our task is to analyze the active processes and decide what information to be detected

On the basis of these strategic choices, it is therefore possible to study the most effective software configuration, calibrated to the product category of the products and to the particular needs of the customer.

Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products

whSystem WMS lends itself to the management of warehouses of raw materials and semi-finished products, as well as warehouses of finished product for any product sector, with configurations of varying complexity.Our developers are able to design and implement solutions ranging from radio frequency systems for the management of conventional warehouses to tools for the management of automatic warehouses, through integration with our whSystem module WCS.

Production enslavement warehouses

whSystem WMS allows you to optimize the management of warehouses for the enslavement of raw materials, semi-finished products or production packaging, contexts that have very specific needs relating for example to warehouses on the line or to the automatic replenishment of consumable materials. At the same time, it is possible to provide a punctual supply of what is necessary for the execution of production orders, applying partialized feeding logics – both in terms of volume and delivery stations – and according to the dimensional characteristics of the production area

Shipping warehouses

As far as shipping warehouses are concerned (as in the case of finished product storage warehouses, commercial activity warehouses, wholesalers, e-commerce, etc.) whSystem WMS allows you to apply different approaches aimed at increasing the performance of order fulfillment (eg multi-zone picking, batchpicking and Pick To Light).
In addition, it is also possible to implement all the features necessary for the management of the goods picked up to the loading of the shipping vehicles, from unpacking to consolidation. from packaging to integration with couriers’ information systems.

Automatic warehouses

For years we have been partners of the main players that deal with the realization of industrial automation systems applied to warehouse logistics, implementing the most advanced systems with our whSystem WCS module.

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