WHSYSTEM® Strengthens the synergy between logistics and production thanks to the new MES module

Corman SpA, with more than 6,000 square meters of warehouse and a production department consisting of 5 lines, is a leading company in the production and distribution of products for feminine intimate hygiene; to automate the management of the entire production and logistics process Corman has chosen whSystem®, the WMS produced and distributed by Technolog. The partnership with Technolog began with the implementation of whSystem® for the management of the Logico warehouse, Corman‘s logistics division, which between its finished product and the marketed, processes daily up to 2,700 order lines for a total of more
of 55,000 shipments every year. Subsequently, the implementation was extended to the raw materials warehouse, paying particular attention to the management of strict quality control procedures and the supply of production lines,
as well as warehouses on the line. It is at this point in the collaboration that Corman wanted the collaboration of Technolog to meet the need to monitor production lines and manage traceability. Technolog He took up the challenge and embraced the proposal of Corman thus developing the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) module that further enriches its WMS.  The introduction of this module, which has made it possible to optimize the interaction between the production department and raw materials warehouses and line edge, allows to manage production orders by accounting for times and consumption in a completely automated way; in fact, production changes, machine downtime and counting of produced/rejected pieces are automatically detected thanks to the application of a data collection system consisting of sensors and PLCs installed on the lines. The finished product is then managed directly with the WMS through which, once it has passed the quality control, it is transferred to the finished product warehouse, where whSystem® Guide and control order fulfillment, consolidation and shipment operations. Here the efficiency of shipping operations has been optimized also thanks to the complete integration with the couriers that deal with the distribution.  

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