WCS automatic warehouse management system

whSystem WCS:
Efficiency and safety for the management of automatic warehouses

The smart solution for Industry 4.0

whSystem WCS is the special module designed to ensure perfect integration between the WMS and the systems responsible for the automation and control of all the elements that make up the automatic warehouses.

Grazie a whSystem WCS è possibile estendere le funzionalità del nostro Warehouse Management System anche a contesti non convenzionali, caratterizzati da un livello elevato di automazione industriale applicata alle logiche di magazzino, oltre che in caso di revamping di strutture datate.

With the whSystem package, from TECHNOLOG you have both tools at your disposal: an advanced and versatile WMS and a secure and high-performance WCS, both developed to measure for your business.

Two software in a single customizable solution to help you optimize processes with a view to Industry 4.0, improving resource management and increasing productivity.

What is a WCS and how it works.

WCS means Warehouse Control System and indicates a particular software capable of controlling and managing every single automated part in the warehouse.

The WCS has the task of governing the operation and coordinating the work of the various elements, such as stacker cranes and picking and transport systems.

Not only that: the WCS represents the link between the automation control PLCs and the WMS to govern the automation according to the needs of the WMS.

How it improves the management of
automatic warehouses with WCS

With the Warehouse Control System it is possible to accelerate work cycles making every activity more fluid, thanks to the perfect integration between machines and software.

By better coordinating the operations of the various connected elements, the WCS also allows you to multiply the overall performance, making the most of the potential of automatic systems.

whSystem WCS: the serenity of always having everything under control.

Our whSystem WMS has been found for years numerous applications both in traditional warehouses, where handling is entrusted to man, and in automatic warehouses, as well as in the combination of both types.

In the specific case of automated warehouses, the WMS is the brain that manages intralogistics operations, while everything related to the control of automation and the flow of goods is the task of whSystem WCS.

The WCS collects the data of the PLCs responsible for the automation of the machines and the acquisition of data transmitted by the sensors installed in the warehouse, processing them according to the set of rules established by the WMS and sending operating instructions to the various elements in real time.

With Technolog you can choose to have WCS and WMS in a single customizable package, complete with all the configurations that best meet your needs.

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Where our WCS makes the difference

There are many contexts in which whSystem WCS can be successfully applied, integrating with different technologies, both in new realizations and in the context of adaptation and revamping interventions.

  • Automatic warehouses with stacker cranes and minoloads
  • Automatic vertical warehouses with single-column and multi-column trays
  • Automatic warehouses for heavy and bulky loads
  • Automatic warehouses with high storage density (shuttle and stacker cranes with satellite)
  • Automatic warehouses and hadling systems managed by AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) or LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle)
  • Special warehouses for feeding processing machines
  • Compactable warehouses with AGV technology
  • Forklifts with automatic or semi-automatic guidance systems
  • Automatic systems for handling the market and for the enslavement of production
  • Complex systems based on the integrated management of different technologies

The right choice for at least three reasons.

Applied to automated warehouses equipped with labeling systems, palletizing, conveyors, robotic portals and other automated elements, whSystem WCS allows you to manage internal logistics in a fully integrated way.

In addition, the advanced TECHNOLOG WCS is also perfectly suited to mixed realities, where traditional warehouses coexist with automation, handling or automatic warehouses, also based on different technological paradigms.

One software

Our WCS and WMS are part of the whSystem package: a feature that translates into a series of benefits for the customer, such as perfect integration, simplicity of implementation and, last but not least, ease of use, thanks to the user-friendly operator interface that makes diagnostic and supervision of automation processes easier and more immediate.

Versatile by nature

The open architecture of whSystem WCS allows our R&D team to constantly update the software and every component to make it compatible with any system you choose to adopt, continuously expanding the range of possible applications.

An increasingly popular tool

Thanks to its reliability and the great performance it can guarantee in any type of context, whSystem is the preferred choice for an increasing number of partner companies in the creation of systems for the management of automatic warehouses.

whSystem WCS: the benefits of a system that never stops improving.

If our WCS is so appreciated it is certainly also for its ability to change and evolve together with technology, always keeping up with the most cutting-edge trends.

To make this possible, we at TECHNOLOG work continuously to improve every detail, from the macro aspects to the smallest detail.

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