Technolog expands the workforce and the horizons of the software

Technolog expands the workforce and the horizons of the software

After a period of training, Francesca Ferrari, graduated in Marketing and Business Organization and specialized in Trade & Consumer Marketing at the University of Parma, has been confirmed as the new Marketing and Communication Manager of Technolog; the House of Software, which has specialized in software production for over 25 years, establishing itself in the last decade as a reference partner in the field of automation and intralogistics with national and international projects.

I have always been passionate about the world of technology and already during the University I had started reading magazines specialized in logistics. When I started my university career I never imagined that tomorrow I would deal with intralogistics, but as soon as I started working in Technolog I immediately understood that communicating the potential of our work and our software products in a sector where communication has not yet evolved, is a very fascinating challenge for me”.

Francesca Ferrari says.

The modern and central Parma headquarters of Technolog, is characterized by a creative and collaborative work environment, there are also the offices of Wintech Italia (Technolog investee) which engaged in consulting and training for programmers in the Delphi environment, is fundamental both for the research and development phases, and for the training and updating of the programmers of the team composed of senior figures of great experience and internationally known programmers in the development of the programming language, but in all this a fundamental piece was missing.

“When we talk about software we only think of a team made up of programmers, for this reason I decided to start collaborating with Francesca, because Technolog needed a figure able to adequately communicate the characteristics of our product. Until now they were technicians or programmers who were responsible for promoting our work, often in a non-exhaustive way” adds Lorenzo Di Salvatore and continues: “It’s frustrating to have a very useful product and not be able to communicate it in the best way.”

Lorenzo Di Salvatore, CEO of Technolog, understood the importance of communicating in a country like ours with an economic fabric made up mostly of SMEs.

The group’s mission, in addition to proposing its own software, will be to educate a market that is still immature and unaware of all the potential offered by good warehouse logistics.

Among the first works that saw Francesca Ferrari in the leading role, there was a precise analysis of the market, the target and the different types of topics able to collect and welcome the compliments and interest of stakeholders.

“I strongly believe in the importance of good communication. It must not have as its sole objective to promote a product but must also be able to educate a market that has been stopped for too many years to old professional paradigms. Today a company of any type and size must face the market with responsibility, transparency and a pinch of courage. This is what our customers ask of us, this is our way of approaching the work”.

Lorenzo Di Salvatore adds

With her work Francesca Ferrari will mark a new step for Technolog bringing freshness, intuition and above all diametrically changing the way of communicating what until recently, we simply called a software.

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