Software supervisione e controllo

Although intralogistics is the main operational area, TECHNOLOG also manufactures supervision and control systems for industrial automation.

A Supervisory and Data Acquisition System, often also identified as SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), is a software system dedicated to monitoring and supervising automated systems. These software have the task of allowing the operator to interact with the system to set the operating parameters and to monitor its operation through graphic synoptics and diagnostic tools.

Key Features and Benefits

Today on the market there are several SCADA products that allow them to be implemented by technical personnel without particular computer skills, in fact they have configuration tools that can be easily used without having to write programs with a specific programming language.

In some cases, however, there are needs such that these products are not sufficient, for example:

  • need for integration with computer systems or electronic devices in ways not provided for by standard packages
  • need to implement business intelligence logics for automatic machine control
  • need to control in an “intelligent” and integrated way heterogeneous systems with different functions, but part of the same process


TECHNOLOG designs and develops tailor-made supervision and control systems integrated with factory systems.

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