The company

Based in Asolo (TV), Progress Profiles realizes a wide and innovative choice of systems, complete with accessories, to facilitate and optimize the installation, profiles for coatings of any material that combine design and high performance of use.


Automated management of finished product warehouse.


Technolog’s WMS/WCS manages the Zecchetti automatic warehouse where the finished product is stored and moved on metal trays.

The system provides for order fulfillment in batch picking with ventilation taken on order preparation buffer equipped with put to light. The preparation buffer, which allows the fulfillment of up to 60 simultaneous orders, is dynamically managed with automatic allocation of one or more positions for each order depending on the volume of preparation.


Performance and optimization of the spaces conferred by the warehouse automation and the put to light order preparation system.

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouse and put to light system: Zecchetti Srl (EMS Group)