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Founded in Parma, in 1994 it took its first steps in the automation sector with the creation of in-line labeling systems and a software for the management of ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) systems. Thanks to strong collaborations with the main manufacturers of automatic warehouses, Technolog soon becomes a protagonist in the intralogistics sector and releases the first version of whSystem®, the software for the management of automatic and conventional warehouses that, now at the gates of the fourth generation, has hundreds of installations in Italy and abroad.

The many years of experience gained in the various product sectors combined with the ability to anticipate with the proprietary WMS a market of technologies protagonist of the convulsive evolution of the last decade, give Technolog the characteristics and skills to be the reference partner for the development of projects for plant logistics.

In the modern and central headquarters in Parma, characterized by a creative and collaborative work environment, there are also the offices of Wintech Italia (a company of the Technolog group).

Wintech Italia, leader in training and consulting for Delphi developers, represents for Technolog a precious “in house” resource for the training and updating of programmers of the team composed of highly experienced senior figures.


In the context of software solutions dedicated to intralogistics, various types of applications coexist, among these the best known and widespread is undoubtedly the WMS (Warehouse Management System), software dedicated to an operational context and as such cannot be considered a commercial product ready for use, but must be implemented from time to time according to the project specifications defined during the micro-analysis phase.

This process involves the configuration of system parameters as well as a certain number of customizations and it is in the complexity of this context that the Technolog team best expresses the skills acquired.

With whSystem® it is possible to manage warehouses-raw materials and semi-finished products, as well as warehouses-finished products for each product sector, creating solutions of every level of complexity: from solutions with radio frequency systems for the management of conventional warehouses, up to fully automatic warehouses with a very high rate of automation.

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“For more than twenty years we have been collaborating with manufacturers of automatic warehouses and handling systems, implementing WMS, WCS and PLC software for plant management. We have strong skills in the management of automatic systems and for this reason, even in the context of a project for the implementation of a radio frequency WMS, we are able to perfectly integrate automatic systems and propose them thanks to our partners. In the case of plants already in operation, we can also provide for a retrofit intervention to revitalize them and integrate their management both as regards warehouse management and the supervision and control of the plant”.

Lorenzo Di Salvatore, Technolog Director

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