The company

The Pedrollo Group is one of the largest industrial companies in the North East, and operates in the fields of water handling, energy transformation and applied technology, and thanks to the activity of the parent company Pedrollo SpA is recognized among the world leaders in the production of electric pumps.

Although strongly oriented to the global market (it exports most of its production to over 160 countries), it firmly maintains research, design and production facilities in Italy, concentrated in the Verona area and surrounding areas. The total turnover of the Pedrollo Group is close to 250 million euros, with almost 1000 employees.


Fully automated management of warehouses for the temporary storage of semi-finished products installed on the lines.


In the production phase of the pumps there are some processes that have different performances or in any case are performed in different time phases than those upstream, for this reason the need to create storage lungs of semi-finished products is realized.

On some lines this need has been met by installing automatic warehouses directly on the lines.

The WMS/WCS Technolog manages these warehouses by integrating fully automatic loading and unloading through anthropomorphic robots. The system interfaces with the company information system and line automation.


Fully automated management of storage lungs on lines

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouses: Zecchetti Srl (EMS Group)