The company

The Citadel of Archives is a structure of the Municipality of Milan that preserves the documents of the General Archive of the Administration and deals with:

– protect, sort and classify documents of the Municipal Administration

– return documents to the Municipal Offices that request them

– help users in the search and consultation of documents

– reproduce documents in analog or digital format

– carry out periodic selection operations of documents with the discarding of those that have completed the conservation cycle

– preserve and enhance the municipal archival heritage.


Automatic management of the document archive.


The WMS/WCS Technolog manages the automatic warehouse consisting of a shelving distributed over several aisles and which houses the metal trays in which the folders are contained and moved. The shelf is served by a stacker crane that moves from aisle via a transhipment trolley equipped with a buffer shelf for the temporary storage of materials that need to be transferred.

Through the same transhipment trolley, the trays are exchanged with the automatic warehouses, installed on one side of the warehouse and in which the materials required for consultation are transferred. It is from these warehouses that operators can access the required materials.


Fully automated management of the paper archive.

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouse: Zecchetti Srl (EMS Group)