The company

It produces and sells packaging products for the fruit and vegetable sector (packaging, decorations and the like). The company has as its corporate purpose the following activities: commercial sector and services: 1) the transformation of paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, iron and its alloys, glass and the like.


In 2015 the company moved to the former Miroglio area in Ginosa (TA) where it also took charge of an automatic Mannesman Dematic warehouse, built in 1998, but the software for plant management was no longer available, and many components were obsolete and inefficient.


A retrofit was carried out which included the following activities:

  • mechanical overhaul of stacker cranes and automatic transports
  • replacement of the PLC of drives, encoders and data transmission system
  • replacement of PLC software
  • WMS/WCS software implementation

The warehouse, about 100m long and about 30m high, consists of a double-depth pallet rack, served by two stacker cranes with telescopic fork, with a capacity of about 7000 pallets. The periphery develops on the warehouse head where a rail shuttle sorts the pallets between the automatic inlet and outlet roller conveyors and the loading / unloading bays of the stacker cranes.


The intervention made it possible to:

  • Put the plant back into operation
  • optimize the performance and utilization of the storage volume
  • integrate the automatic warehouse with the company ERP