The company

Logicor Srl is a distribution logistics company founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of Corman SpA, a leading company in the production of hypoallergenic items (made of 100% cotton) for feminine hygiene and incontinence, for which Logicor represents the logistics division.

Logicor, in addition to managing the distribution in over 25 countries of Corman products under the Organyc and Cottony brands, is also the exclusive distributor of electromedical products, under the Omron brand (since 1998) and Medipresteril, of the insulin delivery systems of the Abbot Diabetes Care Line and completes its offer with a range of items intended for medication (Medipresteril) and sweetening (Diet Sucaryl).

To date, Logicor is among the top four companies active in the parapharmaceutical sector in Italy.


Computerize the procedures for managing the warehouse especially to better manage and diversified order fulfillment for the different sales channels: pharmacy, large-scale distribution and abroad.


In the first instance, whSystem was implemented, the WMS produced and distributed by Technolog for warehouse management in the old headquarters at the Il Girasole Di Lachiarella center.

This first implementation included a sorter for sorting shipping packages.

Subsequently, on the occasion of the transfer of the company to the new logistics center of Lachiarella, thanks to the support and advice of Simco Consulting, all warehouse processes were redesigned and picking procedures were further diversified, maintaining the breakdown by type of order (pharmacy, large-scale distribution or abroad), but introducing a further breakdown of missions by type of withdrawal (bulk, packages and pallets).

The activities of order consolidation and shipment preparation have also been strengthened and articulated.

The proposed solution, which provides for the usual management of the main warehouse management processes, is characterized by the creation of the QC module through which all quality control activities are carried out and traced, as well as the collection and digitization of quality certifications of raw materials that require it.

The WMS has been integrated with the ERP (method) and with the main express couriers for the automatic forwarding of shipping documentation and for the direct production of the WMS of package shipping labels.


  • Optimization of warehouse management processes in terms of accuracy, reliability and efficiency
  • Optimization of inventory management and storage facilities
  • Optimize workload distribution
  • Real-time monitoring of the achievement of daily objectives