Intralogistics – which is right for you?

A company that offers solutions for the logistics sector must be able to propose at the right time the most suitable technologies for the needs of its customers.

Technolog, a company founded in Parma in 1994, is an example of this. In fact, for more than 25 years it has been successfully operating in the field of intralogistics automation, creating software for automatic warehouses for some of the most important automation manufacturers in the sector.

This has meant that Technolog, unlike most players on the market, has designed whSystem®, its WMS, using an open architecture and prepared for the integration of heterogeneous technologies and introducing radio frequency only later.

The fact that it has a large number of technological partners and a particularly flexible software, allows it to offer its customers the most suitable technology if necessary.

Even in the realization of manual warehouse projects it is not uncommon to integrate more or less advanced automation elements and in this context Technolog represents an ideal partner.

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