Interview with Lorenzo di Salvatore, Sales Manager at Technolog

Good morning, thank you for this interview and for participating   #GLSummit22.What do you expect from this event?

We renew with great pleasure our participation in this important event in which we have been participating for years with enthusiasm. 

During the meetings we will maintain our approach oriented to listening to the needs of our guests with whom we are ready to confront ourselves with a proactive spirit, describing our solutions and sharing our experiences. 

What types of solutions are you able to offer visitors?

Technolog‘s core business consists in the implementation of the software that is the fulcrum of every solution, whether it is an automatic warehouse or a traditional warehouse. When the project includes the supply of automatic systems and/or vehicles, Technolog avails itself of a dense and consolidated network of highly specialized partners who work alongside completing our skills, professionalism and services. This peculiarity gives us great dynamism, offering us the freedom to choose the most appropriate technological solution to the customer’s needs every time, remaining competitive and reliable.

Is there any innovative product or service that you will highlight in some way in this edition or that you want to mention in these lines?

Even renewing means innovating in some way, so we can talk about innovation even when we want to give a new value to something obsolete. Specifically, with the retrofit of an automatic warehouse (or more generally of a plant) it is possible to revitalize and implement the functionality and performance of your systems.  

The know-how acquired in over 20 years of direct and specific experience in the world of automation, allows Technolog to act as an ideal partner for revamping/retrofitting interventions of dated automatic warehouses or those that in any case have functional or performance deficiencies, activities that we consider absolutely strategic for our customers, as it allows them to recover great efficiency and significantly increase the potential of old systems in the face of relatively small investments. In some cases the performance of the system, even if not optimal, is satisfactory despite the fact that the system is no longer so recent, but the replacement of obsolete components allows to avoid the risk of incurring unsustainable plant downtime caused by the unavailability of spare parts. The retrofit is also an opportunity to adapt machines to current safety standards

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