Interview with Lorenzo Di Salvatore, Sales Manager at Technolog

Good morning Lorenzo Di Salvatore, thank you for this interview and for participating in #GLMSummit21.

What do you expect from this event, finally  back in person?

Recent studies report positive data for the intralogistics sector, which is confirmed to be in good health and above all a sector for which the importance of investments in technology has been re-evaluated.
Recent events have in fact highlighted how technological innovation, in addition to being a fundamental resource for increasing performance and service level, represents an indispensable tool to achieve the flexibility and responsiveness necessary to respond successfully to an increasingly changing and demanding request.
For this reason we are confident to confirm the success of previous editions of this event in which we have been participating with enthusiasm for years now.

How do you think your company really stands out from the rest?

In addition to offering its own WMS and solutions for intralogistics, both in the distribution and production sectors, Technolog has historically collaborated with a large team of technological partners specialized in the supply of automatic systems and systems for storage and material handling.
This peculiarity has allowed us to gain considerable transversal experience both in terms of product sectors and expertise in integration with the technologies that the world of automation offers to the market, values that we put in place daily at the service of our customers.
This condition has also influenced the evolution of our WMS giving it particular versatility and predisposition to integration with automation and other systems.

Why should a visitor to the #GLMSummit21 absolutely sit at your table?

The 30 minutes available are not enough to discuss a project in an exhaustive and satisfactory way, but if it is true that the first impression of a new interlocutor is formed in a few seconds and is consolidated in the following 5 minutes, in the remaining 25 our guest will have the opportunity to share their needs and build an opinion also on what are the skills and passion that animate our team and that we can offer them in the development of their projects.

Close your eyes and imagine that it is already 2030: what do you see?

What are the innovations that you see implemented and functioning in your field?
9 years seem few, but if we compare them to the impressive impulse to which technological innovation is subjected (just think of the great steps that are being made in the aerospace field or, to give a more contextual example, to the visionary project of the flying warehouses of the e-commerce giant Amazon) 9 years represent a period really too long to be able to guess precisely what innovations we can have to operate better in our sector.
For this reason, what will make the difference is not to be caught unprepared and can only happen
constantly investing in research and development to keep up with technology and best prepare our solutions to accommodate what the market will offer us.

Thank you for giving us this interview, see you at Global Summit Logistics

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