Interview with Lorenzo Di Salvatore, CEO of Technolog

Good morning Lorenzo, thank you for this interview and for participating in #GLMSummit19. What do you expect from this event? In what spirit do you Are you preparing to take part?

We have been participating in the Global Summit for some years now, because we believe it is a valid moment of comparison. Thanks to the winning formula of the speed date, visitors have the opportunity to submit their projects to a large number of experts in the sector and at the same time, between one appointment and another, participate in seminars to update themselves on what the market offers.

Are there any news that you will present to the #GLMSummit19 or a product or service that you will highlight in some way or that you want to mention in these questions?

Our WMS represents the fulcrum of the solutions we propose, whether it is in fact a system that involves the use of automation rather than the “simple” computerization of handling and warehouse management processes, the WMS (with related modules and extensions) constitutes the central nervous system of the project. On the WMS, the research and development team has been working for months on the next product version that will be absolutely innovative in terms of flexibility and versatility, because these are the characteristics that the departmental of the future will have.
Nowadays, both the world of technology on which our projects are based and the
flexibility imposed on the companies that use our applications, suffer
An evolution that accelerates exponentially and to continue to propose solutions
effective these must be predisposed to evolve and change at the same time
rhythm that the market imposes. Although the new version is not yet being released, some of the algorithms and features developed for this purpose have been introduced in the current version of the system. Many of these are not immediately visible as they do not concern the operator interface, but in preview at this Global Summit we will present the new 3D representation of the interactive synoptic that allows you to navigate and interact with the system through a real VR reproduction of the system.

Why should a visitor to the Global Summit Logistics & Manufacturing 2019 sit at your table? What can your company offer more or better than others?

To a question of this type, one can only answer “ask our
customers”, any other type of response would be false and self-congratulatory. For this reason I will limit myself to proposing the motivation that our
customers after choosing us as a partner.
The first skimming, during the selection of a supplier, is obviously done in
based on the skills and effectiveness of the proposed solutions, but with the same
competencies The final choice is based on different criteria and it is at this stage that the
maggior parte dei nostri clienti ci preferisce ad aziende magari più blasonate per la
perceived quality of service.
The attention and care we devote to the analysis and implementation of each
project are often warned already in the bidding phase, this feature there
distinguishes and rewards us with satisfied and loyal customers.

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