How to choose the right WMS software for your business? We talk about it with Technolog

When it comes to automation systems  to be implemented within your warehouse and choose the WMS software  best suited to the needs of your company, it is essential to refer to partners of excellence, specialized in these sectors.
An example is Technolog, an Emilian software house with almost thirty years of experience in the logistics sector. To better understand why a company should adopt WMS software,  interviewed  Lorenzo Di Salvatore, Technolog Administrator and Sales Manager who, with some practical examples, explains how to choose the specific WMS for your needs. 
Who is Technolog and what is its field of specialization in logistics?
Technolog  is a software house that was born in the 90s in Parma and develops in the field of warehouse automation.
Designed for production of customized software  for data management, Technolog focuses in particular on solutions that provide for the integration of software with both commercial and custom electronic devices.
Over the years, Technolog has evolved more and more and it is at the beginning of the new millennium that the company releases the first version of whSystem®, the software for the management of automatic and conventional warehouses that, now at the gates of the fourth generation, has several hundred installations in Italy and abroad.
In addition to the historic collaboration with Ferretto Group, a company with which it began its journey in the field of automatic warehouses, today Technolog boasts several important collaborations with numerous partners engaged in the development of different technologies for the automation of storage and handling of goods.
It is precisely for this reason that, through the experience gained over the years and the creation of various solutions launched on the market, Technolog enjoys the right characteristics and skills to propose itself as Reference partner   for the development of projects related to plant logistics.
Technolog’s policy is focused on WMS  and automazione: fornire le soluzioni più adatte ad ogni cliente in base alle proprie esigenze è uno degli obiettivi dell’azienda.
Technolog offers its customers warehouse management software and, in collaboration with the various partners, integrates automation.
One of the leaps in quality occurred in 2014 when Technolog acquired Wintech Italiaa company specialized in programming languages that, in addition to the sale of tools for software development, consulting and training, collaborates synergistically with the Technolog research and development team made up of excellent programmers, some of whom are also internationally recognized.
How to choose a WMS today? What criteria to use and what to pay attention to?

In reality, what makes the difference of a project is not so much the product, but the implementation of the WMS, therefore the correct configuration and customization based on customer needs.
It can therefore be said that The success of a project depends above all on the skills of the team involved in the implementation
First of all, the customer must understand if he needs a real departmental, then a specific software for warehouse management. The warehouse department (WMS) that fits into an operational context therefore needs to be flexible  and  dynamic.
To choose the right WMS , every company must:

  • Know your needs well, especially in terms of flexibility and scalability
  • Understand the level of customization needed
  • Understand if and how much automation to integrate on the moment or in the future forecast
  • Understand the features of software on the market
  • Choose the supplier by evaluating skills, availability and attention to the customer
  • Evaluate the costs of purchase and after-sales service.

What are the strengths of your WMS? How do you compete with other systems on the market?

Over time we have worked and launched a package, named whSystem®, which was born in the world of automation.
First of all, for WMS  (Warehouse Management System) is a departmental software dedicated to the management of warehouses and goods handling within the plant.

The WMS belongs to the category of software used in an operational context, so it cannot be considered as a commercial product ready to use.
These are systems that provide a rich set of features and that are able to handle a wide range of cases, but which must be implemented from time to time according to the project specifications defined in the micro-analysis phase.
This process involves configuring system parameters and very often a number of customizations.

Among the  strengths  of whSystem® we highlight:

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Automation readiness
  • Dynamic operations management
  • Numerous features
  • Transversality in every product sector
  • Rich operator interface, but simple and intuitive
  • Consulting approach of the team and willingness to customize.

Concluding with whSystem® you can manage warehouses  of all types and product sectors, creating solutions of different levels of complexity – starting from solutions with radio frequency systems for the management of conventional warehouses, up to the management of fully automatic warehouses with a very high rate of automation – Technolog is therefore able to offer the best solutions  suitable for every single business need.

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