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With whSystem® it is possible to manage warehouses-raw materials and semi-finished products, as well as warehouses-finished products for each product sector, creating solutions of every level of complexity.

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Integrated WCS module
and customizable

In automatic systems, if the WMS constitutes the intelligence of the warehouse where all the control logics of the goods reside, for the operational control of the automation and the flow of materials another software called WCS (Warehouse Control System) is needed. whSystem® includes WCS functionality in a dedicated module, thus integrating automation control and diagnostics into the WMS

PTL systems

PTL (Pick To Light and Put To Light) systems are systems to assist warehouse order fulfillment.

End of line management

Software and automation solutions for palletizing and labeling.

Supervision and control

Customized supervision and control software for industrial automation

Data-collection software

TECHNOLOG manufactures data collection systems and Extract Transform Load systems.

Automatic warehouses
and handling

Warehouse retrofit

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