The company

With over 1,000 employees and an annual turnover of over 360 million euros, it is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive technology.


Realization of a palletizing system of adhesive label reels.


whSystem, the WMS/WCS produced and distributed by Technolog, has been implemented for the management of the automatic palletizing system.

The WCS, integrated with the SAP company ERP, receives the reels of finished product from the cutting machines from which it is taken by LGV controlled by the WCS.

The incoming reels are selected, those that can be used in the palletizing programs in progress (5 for each island) are diverted to the palletizing islands, while the others are temporarily stored in the automatic warehouse that acts as a lung for the reels awaiting palletizing and storage for the various types of pallets used by the robots.

The palletizing program definition algorithm operates on the basis of data received from SAP by cross-referencing production data with shipping orders. The palletizing islands receive the reels from the inlet backbone, while the empty pallets are picked up by a series of sheeters installed on one side of the automated warehouse and distributed to the palletizing positions.

The complete pallets are then led to the exit backbone where they are weighed, filmed and labeled before being extracted, Some pallets must first undergo a tipping process, also managed automatically. On the lower floor is the pallet stock warehouse that feeds the plant warehouse.


Fully automated end-of-line process management

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouse and palletizing system designed and manufactured by Trascar Spa

LGV: Proxaut SpA