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Interview with Lorenzo Di Salvatore, Sales Manager at Technolog.

Good morning and thank you for this interview and for participating in #GLSummit20. What do you expect from this event?

Good morning to you, despite the serious emergency that in recent months has shaken our lives and our economy, we are confident to meet, as usual, a large number of visitors animated by their needs and their projects. Indeed, I expect a particularly lively edition because this surreal situation has aroused a strong desire for redemption and the awareness that it is necessary to react  without delay.

If you have already taken part in other editions of the Global Summit, what
Did you appreciate any other participations?

For some years now we have been participating in this event because we believe it is a valid moment of comparison, a stimulating event full of opportunities where every situation is experienced by the participants with intensity: meetings, seminars, convivial moments, at any time you perceive interest and desire to share.

Why should a visitor to the #GLSummit20 absolutely sit at your table?

Because if it didn’t, it would be denied an opportunity. The websites, technical data sheets and any other type of online or paper information represent a synthetic collection of macro-information and have the task of offering a starting point for a necessary deepening.

I believe that the main success factor of this initiative is precisely to offer the great opportunity to meet a substantial number of interlocutors, who obviously have relevance to their needs and projects, in one place. A comparison with exhibitors, even if  brief, allows to obtain targeted information and “test” the skills and attitudes of the interlocutor. Not taking full advantage of this opportunity I think is an unnecessary waste.

The issue of sustainability is increasingly at the center of the debate and the companies most committed to this area they are starting to see their efforts rewarded also in the B2B field. Can logistics really go into this direction?

Of course, I believe that sustainability is not achieved only by implementing specific targeted interventions or solutions more or less applicable depending on the context, I rather believe that it is a goal pursued by assuming a sustainable attitude, a way of being based on a responsible approach to the environment, in every single gesture and aspect, in everyday life as well as in business. This concept automatically extends its applicability to any circumstance or production context, not least with regard to logistics.

Close your eyes and imagine that it is already 2030: what do you see?                              What are the innovations in logistics that you see implemented and working?

Technological development is constantly accelerating and in a decade many things can really happen.
Wanting to make a fairly realistic forecast, I expect a significant increase in the development and diffusion of self-driving vehicles and collaborative robots or, more generally, of technologies that offer scalability and flexibility. I imagine the introduction of sensors and devices that make the interaction between operator and software increasingly natural and intuitive, such as the use of vision systems for automatic identification of products, the adoption of kinetic sensors for geolocation and confirmation of operations and the widespread use of augmented reality; I also imagine important developments in the field of safety and ergonomics, such as the evolution of accident prevention systems or the use of exoskeletons for handling heavy objects.
I certainly believe that, if not in ten years from now, we will have all sorts of technological solutions and it will become important to know how to make the most of them without degenerating into alienation.

Thank you for giving us this interview, see you in Pacengo di Lazise (VR).

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