GLSUMMIT » LOGISTICS CAFÉ » Interview with Lorenzo Di Salvatore, Sales Manager at Technolog

Good morning Lorenzo, thank you for this interview and for participating in #glmsummit16. Before getting to the heart of this short interview, can you tell us something about your company?

Technolog deals with solutions for intralogistics and industrial automation, sectors in which it has developed its skills in over twenty years of activity. There are hundreds of warehouses managed with our WMS, which is particularly prepared for the management of warehouses and automatic vehicles, systems that we are able to offer thanks to the network of consolidated partnerships with important automation manufacturers.

Will you come to the #glmsummit16 with some news to present or are you open to listening to the visiting companies and their needs and requests?

Following the exciting debut of the last edition, we renew with great pleasure our participation in this important event. We will maintain our approach oriented to listening to the needs of our guests with whom we are ready to confront ourselves with a proactive spirit, describing our solutions and sharing our experiences.

As far as novelties are concerned, no particularly innovative solution stands out even if there is a desire for innovation in the air, partly generated by the “Factory 4.0” phenomenon, which involves all the themes of industrial production, including intralogistics. In particular, I believe that in our sector the most interesting innovations concern automatic vehicles and geolocation. Sometimes innovation can arise from the transformation of something existing, and it is in this context that Technolog successfully operates in carrying out revamping/retrot of automatic warehouses, interventions aimed at restoring adaptability, enhancing functionality and performance, as well as adapting security systems with an absolutely advantageous cost-benefit ratio.

If you could recommend to your potential customer something to do immediately, to improve their work, their products or services and that you can help him to do, what would you recommend?

What we recommend and that we often propose to our customers, is a concrete step-by-step solution, tailor-made, that does not distort the company and its modus operandi and that in computerizing and automating operational processes, minimizes the impact given by change.

Thank you for giving us this interview, see you at the #glmsummit16

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