GLSUMMIT 21 “LOGISTICS CAFÈ”. Interview with Lorenzo Di Salvatore, Sales Manager at Technolog

Hello Lorenzo Di Salvatore, thank you for this interview and for participation in #GLSummit21. Thing  Do you expect from this event, finally back  in attendance?

The unexpected occurrence, but above all the exhausting prolongation of this health emergency that has dominated the last year and a half, has hit our lives and our economy hard; above all, it has profoundly changed our habits and one of the areas that has suffered most from this pandemic has been precisely that of relationships, because if it is true that technology has made it possible to make up for the impossibility (or at least the difficulty) of meeting by offering us various telematic tools for remote meetings, it is equally true that the human being is a social species and as such needs contact and physical interaction with other individuals, I therefore believe that face-to-face experience is a fundamental ingredient for an event of this nature.
For this reason we welcome with great enthusiasm this partial but electrifying step towards the return to normality and we do it confident of meeting a large number of visitors animated by their needs and their projects. Indeed, I expect a particularly lively edition because this surreal situation has aroused a strong desire for redemption and generated new awareness.

The Covid19 Pandemic changed the world in just one year much more than it did in the 30 that brought us to the Net and connected. What will remain of this period in the logistics field?

What transformations made necessary by the health emergency will remain among us, even when all this is over?
In the last year and a half the covid emergency has been the protagonist of discussions, seminars, webinars in the world of logistics as well as in any other sector, but in my opinion all this has represented more than anything else the adherence of the employees to the trend of the moment, I have in fact witnessed several debates on logistics in the era of covid where the actual connection between the emergency and the topics covered was often forced and false or in any case not very relevant.
On the other hand, it is undeniable that this pandemic and the consequent restrictions imposed have led to an incredible and sudden increase in e-commerce, in fact the lockdown has forced the masses to approach this tool, also breaking down the barriers generated by the distrust and / or poor computer literacy of large sections of the public previously totally alien to this market; For this reason, it is plausible to expect that once the emergency is over, the phenomenon will suffer an inevitable decline, but will consolidate a much higher turnover than in the pre-Covid era.
The explosion of e-commerce has had a major impact on the logistics industry triggering a frenzy race to adapt, both in terms of organization and technological equipment. You probably can  To say that the overbearing affirmation of e-commerce (and its impact on logistics) represents the most significant trace that this pandemic will leave in our sector.

Why should a visitor to the #GLSummit21 definitely sit at your table?

I have already answered this question on previous occasions, but I believe that reiterating my point of view can still be of help to the visitor who is currently reading this interview and is asking the same question!
The dialogue with exhibitors, although brief, allows the visitor to obtain valuable information and to get an idea of the skills and attitudes of potential partners, meeting as much as possible helps to generate a greater awareness of their needs and what the market can offer to satisfy them.
The real added value of this event consists precisely in offering visitors the opportunity to meet, in a limited space of time and in a single place, a substantial number of qualified exhibitors, not fully seizing this opportunity would represent at least a useless waste.

Close your eyes and imagine that it is already 2030: what do you see?

What are the innovations in logistics that you see implemented and working?
I think that the incredible technological evolution of the last twenty years has taught us that it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine with certainty what the next revolutionary innovation will be. Some indicators suggest that there will be huge developments in the areas of autonomous robots and artificial intelligence, but what we have really learned is that technology, as well as market needs, nowadays change and evolve with impressive rapidity and I think that the concept of “fluidity” best represents the most effective response to this condition.
I am convinced that the real innovation, the real challenge for a company like ours that provides technology and especially software for the industry, consists in adhering to the concept of fluidity by offering increasingly scalable solutions and increasingly devoted to flexibility and interconnection, peculiarities that predispose them to integrate new technologies and meet new needs with great reactivity and low economic impact.

Thank you for giving us this interview, see you in Pacengo di Lazise (VR).

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