Global Summit Logistics & Manufacturing 2022- Interview with Lorenzo Di Salvatore, Sales Manager of Technolog

Good morning Lorenzo Di Salvatore, thank you for this interview and for participating in #GLMSummit22. What do you expect from this event?

As always a quality event, the mix between the excellent organization and the curiosity and involvement that have always distinguished the visitors who participate in the summit create the alchemy that make the Global Summit Logistic a reference event in which we regularly participate with sincere enthusiasm.

Close your eyes and imagine that it is already 2030: what do you see? What are the innovations that you see implemented and working in your field?

I imagine totally independent urban micro distribution systems directly connected to large logistics centers outside the cities if not even in the sky, as the visionary project of “flying warehouses” announced by Amazon a few years ago would like. In this frenetic race towards the future, the challenge to which a company like ours is called to respond is to continue investing in research and development, but above all to maintain an open-mindedness and foresight such as to be able to continue to offer flexible and scalable software solutions that best adapt to increasingly technologically advanced and polymorphous installations.

What would you recommend to a new customer who contacts you today to discover the best opportunities in the sector and start working with you and to be able to implement these possibilities in their business?

Surely I would advise him to take all the time necessary to assess his real needs, a full awareness on the part of the client is the first important step to generate the conditions useful to allow us to give our best with our advice and respond with a future-proof offer.

How do you think your company really stands out from the rest?

Starting from the assumption that companies are made by people, the answer comes by itself: it is not our company that stands out, it is the team that animates it every day that makes the real difference.

Why should a visitor to the #GLMSummit22 definitely sit at your table?

Because the experience gained in more than 25 years of constant collaboration with some of the main players in the world of automatic systems for intralogistics has allowed us to acquire the professionalism and expertise of a multinational company, while maintaining the ability to listen, intervene and a quality of service characteristic of a “small” excellence like ours.

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