The company

Filmar produces and sells cotton-based yarns of superior quality and exclusive taste “made in Italy”. Since 1958 Filmar has applied research and passion to the ennobling of this ancient raw material, selected in its finest variety: 100% Egyptian cotton. Continuous and huge investments have allowed the creation of new production departments in Italy and Egypt, for a total of 46,000 square meters of surface. State-of-the-art plants guarantee an annual production of 7 million kg of yarn.

Thanks to the experience gained in over 50 years of activity, it has now consolidated a leading market position in Italy and abroad and confirmed the constantly growing trend of penetration of global markets.


Automated management of the finished product warehouse of the Brescia plant.


The Technolog WMS/WCS manages the entire warehouse consisting of two automatic warehouses dedicated to the storage of yarn boxes, an automatic warehouse dedicated to the storage of baskets and pallets and a manual warehouse served with semi-automatic trilaterals to which the Technolog WMS gives missions.

The box warehouse has some automated positions dedicated to picking and an automatic palletizing and de-palletizing station.

With the Technolog WMS, all automatic warehouses are managed in a fully integrated way with the manual warehouse and the picking, order consolidation and shipping areas on the ground.


Integrated warehouse management through heterogeneous technologies.

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouse: Trascar SpA