The company

VM Motori is an Italian engine company located in Cento, in the province of Ferrara, and part of the FCA group, operating since 1947 in the field of diesel engines for the most diverse uses.


Automation of the supply warehouse of production lines.


The WMS/WCS Technolog manages the automatic warehouse for the intensive storage of logistics handling units of various formats. A de-palletizer feeds the warehouse by transferring the UDCs to the inlet backbone where they are sorted on two miniloads. The UDCs, which are extracted from the warehouse against the fulfillment of orders automatically acquired by the factory system, are deposited on an output backbone, on which another transport is also connected that connects it to a peripheral buffer dedicated to out-of-gauges and that conveys the boxes to the exchange bays where they are taken by the AGVs that serve the line.


Optimization of performance and storage volume.

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouse: Trascar SpA