The company

Euronics is a European consumer electronics retailer with its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The members of Euronics are all independent dealers, including Euronics Bruno Spa which with about twenty stores serves Sicily and part of Calabria.


Automated management of electronic consumer storage in the distribution center


The solution consists of 3 automatic tray warehouses of 9 columns. Warehouses are used for the storage of the most valuable consumer electronics products. The picking orders are processed by the WMS that processes them and sorts them to the warehouses of competence where it governs the order preparation operations up to the preparation of shipping packages and related packing lists.


Performance and optimization of the spaces conferred by the automation of the warehouse, greater safety at work, but above all greater safety of the stored product.

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouses: Zecchetti Srl (EMS Group)