Extract Transform Load Systems

Among the solutions provided by TECHNOLOG are data collection systems. Very often these systems are not limited to data collection, they process them and prepare them to be usable by other computer systems to which they deliver them after normalizing them, this process is identified as ETL.

What is it?

ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load and refers to the process of extracting, transforming and loading data into a synthesis system. The data are extracted from heterogeneous sources such as: other computer systems, sensors, measuring devices or PLCs; the acquired data then undergo a transformation process (Transform) which consists of:

  • Select only the data of interest to the system
  • Normalize selected data
  • Translate encoded data
  • Derive new calculated data
  • Perform couplings between data retrieved from different sources
  • Group data

This transformation aims to consolidate the data, that is, to make homogeneous data from different sources and make them usable by the analysis system to which they will be delivered. At the end of the collection and transformation process, the data is stored (Load) in the synthesis system database.

Fields of application

Most of TECHNOLOG’s achievements are in the field of industrial automation where these systems collect mostly data from the field or from production lines or more generally from automatic systems. The collected data are then used by other computer systems such as MES, WMS, ERP, etc.

The most frequent application refers to the acquisition of data from production lines to monitor and report consumption, productivity, waste, machine downtime, etc., but another fairly frequent use is to collect data from systems that have the same function but different characteristics as purchased from different suppliers and at different times.

Key Features and Benefits

The realization of this type of solutions in the industrial field requires deep skills both as regards the creation of software for data management and as regards interfacing with automation, this attitude is the main feature behind the success of TECHNOLOG in this sector.

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