Automatic end-of-line systems

TECHNOLOG, in collaboration with its partners, is able to provide end-of-line systems or palletizing and labeling systems.

What is it?

End-of-line systems are automated machines that manage products leaving the production line and accumulate and organize them while waiting for transport. In these systems, palletizing and labeling processes are mainly carried out.

Fields of application

These systems are applied to all production sectors, in general in any case in which, at the end of production, the products must be palletized to be subsequently moved.

Key Features and Benefits

In some cases they deal only with palletizing and labeling, in other cases they include other activities such as wrapping and / or strapping and in other cases they consist of more articulated plants that also carry out more complex operations depending on the type of product to be treated. Some of these plants are also equipped with small automatic warehouses that act as a lung for the palletizing system.

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