The company

Bodybell is one of the most important Spanish perfumery chains, recently acquired by the Douglas group, a giant in the world of sale and distribution of perfumery and cosmetics.

Douglas is the leading retailer of premium beauty products in the European beauty industry with around 2,400 fast-growing stores and online stores in 26 European countries. In the 2018/19 financial year, the company generated revenue of €3.5 billion.


Automated management of the warehouse of parapharmacy, perfumery and cosmetics products.


The solution, installed at the Bodybell distribution center in Madrid, consists of 3 groups of Zecchetti automatic tray warehouses:

  • 4 warehouses for the storage of cosmetics
  • 2 multi-column warehouses for parapharmaceutical storage
  • 1 multi-column warehouse for perfumery storage

Each warehouse group is managed in an integrated and synchronized way. The cosmetics and parapharmaceutical warehouses are equipped with an order preparation system based on Put to light technology, while the warehouse dedicated to perfumery integrates a traditional shelving warehouse with shelves.


Performance and optimization of space conferred by warehouse automation and the put to light order preparation system, greater safety at work, but above all controlled access to the product.

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouses and ventilation buffers: Zecchetti Srl (EMS Group)