Do you speak logistica?

Who said that only multinationals are able to offer ad hoc, performing and tailor-made logistics services for each customer?

Perhaps, not everyone knows that for over 50 years THE COLLE MOVIMENTO MERCI S.C.A.R.L. with its operational headquarters in Collecchio in the province of Parma, is a point of reference for Parma entrepreneurship.

On the move for you for half a century

Created in 1970 by five founders who like to define themselves first of all as a group of friends, it began its activity by creating a Caravan (as small groups of porters are called) at the service of the porterage needs of the Parmalat company.

In a few years and thanks to the entrepreneurial ability of the partners who have invested more and more in their company, the business has grown and developed exponentially. To meet the “logistical” needs of a growing territory rich in entrepreneurial realities, the team at the head of the group decided to expand the services offered to the various sectors of transport and logistics for third parties.

Today Il Colle is an excellence in the Parma area, offering professional services in the field of civil and industrial removals, in the field of warehouse logistics and transport of finished products. The skills acquired over decades of work in the sector translate into qualified and reliable, convenient and above all quality services.

IL COLLE MOVIMENTO MERCI S.C.A.R.L., become a trusted partner for companies looking for an external supplier for their needs, it decided, starting from the first months of 2021, to further implement its offer by equipping itself with a new WMS for the management of the different and multiple customers of the group.

After a careful evaluation of the market and the different options offered, the choice was to rely on Technolog, a Parma-based company present for over 25 years in the world of logistics management software.

“With our work we help customers to better focus on their core business company, in this way they do not have to invest resources in activities that distract them from what contributes most to the production of turnover. Being able to offer a cutting-edge service able to track all warehouse operations up to interfacing with our management system was certainly a service that we had to bring home and offer to our customers”.

Paolo Bolognesi, President of the Cooperative IL COLLE, declares.

“In addition to the ability to respond to our real operational needs, I found in Lorenzo Di Salvatore a proactive partner who today, after a year, supports us and is ready to intervene according to our every need. Moreover, the fact that we speak the same language, of course in addition to English, Parmesan cheese, is not a fact to be underestimated, in short, we understand each other first!” he adds smiling.

IL COLLE, tangible benefits every day

IL COLLE operates with experienced and prepared staff for every type of logistics need and provides timely solutions for the needs and requests of each customer, from the smallest to the largest.

The company also offers a solid and consolidated experience in consulting activities for all customers in order to manage and always find the most suitable solution able to respond promptly to any problem related to logistics.

“It seems a paradox, yet being able to work for realities of our territory, in this case really neighbors, is not so usual and obvious. We have developed solutions in Italy and abroad, but working with IL COLLE was something different able to bring out the pride and attachment to our land”

Lorenzo di Salvatore, Technolog Director concludes

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