The company

Dafolo, a leading company in the Danish school publishing market. The product range includes pedagogical and psychological non-fiction aimed at kindergartens, high schools and university colleges.


Management of finished product picking warehouse.


The picking warehouse, fed downstream from the stock warehouse, consists of shelves and an automatic tray warehouse that extends over six columns for a total capacity of over 300 trays.

Special features of this installation, the fulfillment of orders processed in batch picking, first on the shelves and then at the automatic warehouse, using the “pick to cart” technology through which the ventilation of the picked product is carried out on picking trolleys divided into compartments and equipped with a put to light system similar to those installed on fixed ventilation systems.

Particular attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the loading/unloading stations of the automatic warehouse where the picking and refilling operations are supported by a laser pointer that indicates to the user the exact position on the tray and the possibility of alternately using two overlapping bays according to the height of the operator in the bay.


Performance advantages conferred by the combination “batch picking / pick to cart” and a lot of ergonomics, especially as regards the hands-free pickign allowed by the installation of the operator interface instrumentation on the trolleys and as regards the operation in the bay with variable height tray positioning and visual aid to laser pointer operations.

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouse and equipped trolleys: Zecchetti Srl (EMS Group)