The company

Agrati began its history way back in 1939 as a small manufacturing company with 20 employees, a simple structure and a relatively low production volume.

Today Agrati Group is a multinational leader in fastening systems and components with 12 production sites, 5 logistics centers and more than 2,500 employees.

Among the production sites, Agrati CVB in Tronzano Vercelli.


Management of the automatic warehouse of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.


The automated warehouse, supplied by Ferretto Group, was built in two distinct phases.

First, the semi-finished and finished product warehouse was built, interfaced via LGV with the production department and equipped with an automatic picking system consisting of a portal with a Cartesian robot. In the warehouse are stored the boxes of semi-finished products that are exchanged with the production department for the progress of the processing phases up to the transformation into finished product that is packaged and palletized automatically at the entrance of the automatic warehouse. Next to the incoming palletizer is the automatic picking portal dedicated to the preparation of mixed pallets for the fulfillment of shipping orders.

For the management of the warehouse and the integration of the system with the company management system, with LGV enslaving the presses and with the production department, whSystem, the WCS of TECHNOLOG, was implemented. A few years later, the automatic warehouse was expanded with a new stacker crane for the storage of raw materials and semi-finished products. On the occasion of this intervention, the latest version of whSystem was implemented for both warehouses.


Fully automated management of plant logistics for the entire production process, from the raw material to the preparation of finished product shipments.

Partners and other suppliers

Automatic warehouses designed and supplied by Ferretto Group