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Since 1970 the Colle is an excellence in the Parma area, offering professional services in the field of civil and industrial removals, in the field of warehouse logistics and transport of finished products. The skills acquired over decades of work in the sector translate into qualified and reliable, convenient and above all quality services. IL COLLE MOVIMENTO MERCI S.C.A.R.L.become become a trusted partner for companies looking for an external supplier for their needs, it has decided, starting from the first months of 2021, to further implement its offer by equipping itself with a new WMS for the management of the different and multiple customers of the group. THE ENTREPRENEUR “I have been here for 26 years and I can say with certainty that the logistics market has definitely changed. Initially, our work took place in customers’ homes and was called porterage. Today the external warehouse gives our customers the opportunity not to invest in a property, related technologies and personnel, but to concentrate completely on their core business. We offer a service that can satisfy different customers and different needs, optimizing working times and thus ensuring a competitive service offer and cost reduction. Working for multiple companies often gives us the opportunity to optimize the different deliveries to large retailers by combining the goods and products of several customers into a single transport. This translates into optimization of space, time and labor costs, also giving us the opportunity to do our small part in reducing emissions during the transport phases. The word “logistics” is a bit close to us, we prefer to define ourselves as a great service company for the customer”. Paolo Bolognesi, President of the Cooperative IL COLLE declares With over 50 years of professional history, investments and satisfied customers, IL COLLE decides not to stop and to invest again to respond to the “logistical” needs of a growing territory, rich in entrepreneurial realities and increasingly in need of responding to the demand for market performance. In the face of an internal analysis, IL COLLE decides to improve its offer by equipping itself with a WMS for the management of warehouse activities. Following the evaluation of three leading market suppliers, the choice concerns Muovo, the WMS created by Technolog. Technolog was founded in Parma, in 1994 it took its first steps in the automation sector with the creation of in-line labeling systems and a software for the management of ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) systems. Thanks to strong collaborations with the main manufacturers of automatic warehouses, Technolog soon becomes a protagonist in the intralogistics sector and releases the first version of whSystem® (from which the spin-off Muovo derives) the software for the management of automatic and conventional warehouses which, now at the gates of the fourth generation, has hundreds of installations in Italy and abroad. The many years of experience gained in the various product sectors has given Technolog all the characteristics and skills to be the reference partner for the umpteenth development of “IL COLLE”. “Investing in technology for an entrepreneur means continuing to work and staying on the market in a dynamic way, you must always be one step ahead. I did not know Technolog or Lorenzo Di Salvatore, its administrator, and what I liked compared to others was his way of posing, a commercial able to make me understand those technicalities so distant from my reality and I add, despite our certainly smaller size than other realities, we were immediately followed on everything, Even now. Choosing to equip yourself with a new WMS is a choice dictated by various factors, some simple and understandable, others dictated by the need and the desire to offer our customers an increasingly better service and able to satisfy every particular request for services, this element alone is worth the investment”. Adds Paolo Bolognesi, President of the Cooperative IL COLLE THE LOGISTICS MANAGER Beyond the vision of the entrepreneur, clear and determined, it is important to know the thoughts of those who live daily work in all its phases. “Equipping yourself with a WMS makes the difference, this new management system gives us the opportunity to have a clear picture of what is the goods in stock. It helps and supports staff operations and key feature, intuitive learning makes it fast and functional. It manages to give the security of what is the work done incoming, during the inventory preparation and exit phase of shipments. It is a good business card, when the customer asks for information on the inventory and the quantities of products in stock we can give a practically instant answer”. Comments Francesco Greco, Logistics Manager of the Cooperative IL COLLE Starting from Francesco, IL COLLE works with experienced and prepared staff for every type of logistics need and provides timely solutions for the needs and requests of each customer, from the smallest to the largest. The company also offers a solid and consolidated experience in consulting activities for all customers in order to manage and always find the most suitable solution able to respond promptly to any problem related to logistics.


“I have very little to add, we have developed solutions in Italy and abroad, but working with IL COLLE was something different able to bring out the pride and attachment to our land. At Technolog we like to call ourselves “House of Software” because we start from the assumption that our work is done by people who respond to the needs of other people. Availability, seriousness and clarity, in addition to the quality of our products and services, will always be available to our customers and to those who want to approach this world”

Lorenzo di Salvatore, Technolog Administrator, concludes.

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