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A software house 4.0 for intralogistics, data management and industrial automation.

Your strategic ally for technological innovation.

We are an Italian software house specialized in customized solutions for internal logistics,warehouse management, industrial automation and data management.

In thirty years of project activity and interventions in the field, we have closely followed the evolution of technology applied to the most varied tasks in the field of intralogistics, including shipping, labeling, palletizing, handling, data collection, interaction with electronic devices, monitoring and control of production.

Today we work as an independent software house with direct customers and as a partner of the main players in the field of industrial automation, offering our valuable know-how both for the creation of management systems and for the programming of automatic systems, to provide a prompt, effective and customized response to any request.

For each application,
a tailor-made software.

We started in 1994 developing customized software for data management that would allow perfect integration with electronic systems of various types.

Over time we have entered in the field of industrial automation by creating whSystem®, the innovative WMS & WCS software for the management of automatic and conventional warehouses, which has allowed us to become the reference software house for intralogistics and warehouse management for many large and small companies in Italy and abroad.


Industrial automation

  • Supervision and control software.
  • Software for integrated monitoring of heterogeneous plants
  • Production Monitoring Software
  • Data collection systems (ETL– Extract, Transform, Load)

Data management

  • Customized software for data management and interaction with electronic devices
  • Management solutions for industry, service and office

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Why choose TECHNOLOG:
The different software house, with many advantages

On the market there are large software houses able to offer ready-made solutions for any type of need. Although extremely efficient and technologically advanced, these standard solutions do not always guarantee the expected performance.

The reason? Simple: every single case is different from the other because every company is unique. Consequently, the system adopted must also be designed according to the specific use and the context in which it will operate.

It is here that being a software house with a leaner and more agile structure completely dedicated to a product category allows you to have a great advantage: that of being able to support the customer, analyzing the needs and characteristics of the company and offering technical and human support, to get together to identify and develop not a solution, But the best software solution because it offers the advantages of a standard package with the advantage of a strong customization, gaining in flexibility and performance.

What we have done for them we can do for you.

The benefits of choosing TECHNOLOG

Certain times, costs too.

In our field it is customary to propose licenses combined with a variable hour package for customizations. However, it often happens that this package proves to be insufficient, leading to an unexpected increase in the costs of carrying out the project compared to what was budgeted. With Technolog this doesn’t happen, because it usually presents a complete quote that considers a capillary configuration of your new software, with definitive costs and certain delivery times. 

Our offer includes:

  • perpetual license; 
  • analysis activities;
  • implementation, customization and configuration of the software;
  • installation, testing and final inspection;
  • theoretical and practical training of personnel;
  • assistance to the start-up with staff support;
  • Service and maintenance fee

A look always ahead.

Being a software house brings with it great responsibilities: those who turn to us are looking for someone to rely on to clarify any doubts and obtain cutting-edge solutions, and it is our task not to disappoint these expectations.

In our field, both technology and the market are changing at an increasingly rapid pace, requiring those who want to remain competitive to change at the same speed.

This is why we dedicate constant investments and maximum commitment to internal training and research, to follow industry trends and adopt the most innovative aspects, responding creatively to customer requests and implementing detail after detail the functionality of all our products.

By your side before, during and after.

A software is not a static element: to be always efficient it must evolve together with the other links in the production chain.

By choosing us, you rely on a software house, able to offer you not a simple after-sales assistance and maintenance service, but continuous support to update your software with all the necessary features to better integrate with new operating systems, databases and management.

In this way, your instruments always remain up-to-date, guaranteeing maximum efficiency

Who is formed, does not stop.

The continuous training of staff is the basis of our work, to keep up with the times and learn how to use the latest news in the software field. 

But if we can do it for ourselves, then why not do it for others? It is with this objective that in 2014 it was acquired  Wintech Italia, one of the most appreciated consulting and training companies among professionals, and today we are able to offer differentiated and complete training courses aimed at programmers, freelancers, IT managers and companies.

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