Automation and automatic vertical warehouses, Technolog’s operations between partners and collaborators

Between collaborations with various automation manufacturing partners and the launch of WMS software solutions on the market, Technolog – a leading company in the production of customized software for data management – is now more committed than ever to its activities.

This does not mean that the Emilian company has stopped aiming high, on the contrary, Technolog is always   looking for new business realities with which to collaborate and with which to launch excellent logistics solutions on the market. 

In this regard ,  interviewed  Lorenzo Di Salvatore, Technolog Administrator and Sales Manager  who, through the names of important companies and real practical cases, explains why many companies, including important multinationals, rely on  Technolog.

Considering the great variety of your customers, which sectors do they belong to? Do you specialize in a particular branch?

In our specific case we have a very transversal clientele. This is because historically we have grown up creating software for other companies that sometimes make systems that are very different from each other and that are aimed at different targets.
By virtue of this   we are present in different sectors: from mechanics to manufacturing, from food to pharmaceuticals. We therefore do not have a sector in which we are particularly specialized, in fact we operate indiscriminately in different fields.

For example, one of our main customers is Corman S.p.A., an Italian company engaged in the pharmaceutical/parapharmaceutical sector that manufactures products for feminine hygiene and incontinence, both hypoallergenic made of 100% cotton.
Logicor, their logistics division of Corman, in addition to the sale of Corman products in over 25 countries on 5 continents, operates in the distribution (to pharmacies, wholesalers and GDO) of parapharmaceuticals and electromedical devices with some exclusive on the national territory such as Omron, Medipresteril, Betcon Dickinson BD, Abbot Diabetes Care  ecc.
For a couple of years now Corman  has also undertaken the distribution of the drug, a project for which a dedicated warehouse has recently been built.

Corman’s plant logistics and production are managed entirely through the implementation of our systems.

As for the other sectors, can you give us some names of your customers?

Some of the companies for which we have implemented our WMS are the aforementioned Corman ; Zamasport, an important company in the fashion sector that collaborates with some of the most prestigious fashion brands; Zanotti  (Daikin group) leader in the production of refrigeration systems for industry and vehicles for cold transport;  Ferriera di Stabio, an important company in the automotive sector that produces special fastening systems for the most famous car brands. Editor t

The park of companies and multinationals is also extremely rich, some of which are well known both nationally and internationally, in which we are present with our partners for whom we have implemented our WMS / WCS for the management of automatic solutions for the storage and handling of goods.

Returning to the parapharmaceutical sector we mention Bennet, which manages the storage of parapharmaceuticals with Zecchetti automatic vertical warehouses managed with our software by integrating a system put-to-light  for the ventilation of the withdrawal for the various points of purchase. Among the other companies with automatic systems governed by our software that we can mention we find:  Euronics, Biraghi, Corticella, Grissin Bon, FCA, Franke, Piquadro, Marella.

At the partner level, however, the fact of having so many and maybe even competitors with each other how is it managed?

It must be said that  Technolog collaborates with various automation manufacturing partners, and this is a source of pride and continuous innovation for us. Among the partners with whom we are collaborating most frequently emerge: Zecchetti, Ferretto Group, Trascar, Matter, Proxaut, Movimat  and others, but the list is constantly growing, in fact Technolog is always open to welcome new partners with whom to develop new solutions.

Innovation and technology are the two engines on which the company philosophy is based:  it is very important to have new stimuli   also looking for new logistics realities that want to get involved. In that case, the Techolog team is ready to intervene, creating the ideal solution together with the partner.

The fact of collaborating with different partners, even competitors, imposes a particularly strong ethics and neutrality, already integral parts of the corporate code of conduct, but strategically fundamental to continue to grow and operate successfully in such a delicate position.

Technolog also deals with retrofits. Do we want to deepen the topic?

Technolog focuses a lot on the retrofit discourse. The  Retrofit is the activity of adding new technologies or features to an old system, thus extending its useful life.
So we deal with interventions retrofit of automatic warehouses and handling systems , more generally everything related to intralogistics.

We are specialized in software, so we offer:

  • Software replacement;
  • Implementation with new features;
  • Replacement of obsolete components with targeted interventions;
  • Software and mechanical assistance in the warehouse.

The retrofit offers a series of advantages  such as performance optimization, and above all from the point of view of the management software, allows you to add customizations and to develop or enhance the integration with the company information system. In our case, these are often the needs that usually lead a customer to ask for these interventions.
Intervening with these improvements is important and extremely convenient, because after the client company has already spent a lot on the purchase of its systems and basically when the need arises for an intervention of this type, the investment has also already been amply amortized, in the face of a further small investment it is possible to restore and enhance the efficiency of a plant of great value and not least extend its useful life. Let’s say that with a relatively low expense you can aspire to a plant almost equal to new.

Mostly we replace the components that in most cases are obsolete, but above all we replace the software  and the PLC software on board the machine and the management software (WMS / WCS). Where required and / or necessary, we carry out an appraisal to identify any possible deficiencies or points of improvement in terms of safety and offer the related remedial interventions.

It goes without saying that, normally, when we are asked to retrofit a system, unless requested by or in collaboration with the manufacturer himself, the customer no longer has relations with the supplier of that system. For this reason, when we retrofit a warehouse, we are able to take charge of it by offering  Not only software assistance, but also assistance and mechanical maintenance.

These retrofits, which we are always happy to offer, in some cases represent the object of supply, in others they can represent an option for the supply of a WMS project, for example when we are required to implement a Radio frequency system for the management of warehouses that also include automatic warehouses (or automation more generally). In these cases, where normally the automatic systems are integrated only at the data flow level, while from an operational point of view they are managed with proprietary systems, offering a retrofit intervention (even just from a software point of view) we can fully integrate them into the system also including supervision and control and this represents an added value to the solution.

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