Automatic warehouse retrofit

Technolog, thanks also to the collaboration of its partners, offers a team of specialists experienced in the retrofit of automatic warehouses, handling and palletizing systems.

What is it?

Revamping and Retrofit, what are they? These are activities that “rejuvenate” machines and plants, Revamping represents the mechanical restructuring of a machine, while Retrofit consists of a restructuring that involves the introduction or replacement of automatisms, calculators, devices and control software.

Revamping mainly concerns the mechanical revision of components and is aimed at restoring the efficiency of a machine or a plant, while Retrofit allows to increase and expand its potential through the introduction / replacement of components and software.

Fields of application

How to understand if a machine can benefit from a Retrofit intervention? The presence of one or more of the following needs represents a valid opportunity to evaluate Retrofit of your system:

  • Presence of obsolete components no longer available on the market
  • Need to optimize, or enhance obsolete operating logics
  • Need to increase, even significantly, performance
  • Perdita di affidabilità dell’impianto
  • Integration of the plant with the company information system or with other automation systems
  • Need for a structure that guarantees the assistance and maintenance of the plant
  • Improvement of plant safety and adaptation to current regulations

Key Features and Benefits

There are various levels of intervention, many of the needs that lead to evaluate a retrofit can be solved with the replacement of the plant control software.

Substituting the software results in the following:

  • Increased system performance
  • optimization of operating logics
  • possibility to integrate the machine with the company information system
  • possibility to access an assistance service and possibility to implement new customizations and features over time

Very often in an old system the components are obsolete and above all unavailable on the market, the replacement of the most important components allows to obtain:

  • Increased reliability
  • Possibility of access to spare parts

Useful, although not always necessary, the mechanical overhaul of the system and last, but not least, an appraisal that allows to verify the level of safety of the plant and produce a report with the recommended interventions for the adaptation of the plant to the regulations in force.

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