The company

Platica Panaro was founded in 1962 as a small family fishing box workshop, Panaro has evolved over the years exponentially increasing its range of products. Today Plastica Panaro is a strong and structured company, with a workforce of over 90 employees and 3 plants, they design and develop hundreds of innovative solutions for the hardware, packaging, horseback riding, fishing and thermoforming markets.


Automation of internal logistics management processes, specifically of the semi-finished warehouse and the finished products warehouse 


For the automation of Plastica Panaro warehouse management processes and operating procedures, whSystem, the WMS produced and distributed by TECHNOLOG, was implemented. 


  • Optimization of warehouse management processes in terms of accuracy, reliability and efficiency
  • Optimization of inventory management and storage facilities 
  • Optimize workload distribution 
  • Real-time monitoring of stocks and order progress 

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